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Per alpha order, your blogmeister sat in class next to Linda Holm (Valley High, '61). I was G and she was H. Between lectures by Mr. Kruschwitz, or English instruction from Miss Albertine Steinborn, Linda would tell me of her dream to head for Hollywood after graduation and write about the stars. She did exactly that and landed a job with PhotoPlay magazine. She was an editorial staff member (reporter/writer) for ten years, on board until the magazine closed. Her most exciting interviews were with Elvis Presley in Las Vegas and covering the Golden Globe Awards in Los Angeles.

In 1968, Linda was in the audience for the taping of the "Elvis Comeback Special," which aired on the NBC-TV network on December 3rd of that year. During that recording session at NBC's Burbank, California, studios, Linda was invited by the producers to sit at the edge of the stage. You'll see her as the video opens up, just to the left side of Elvis (right side of screen), as he sang Memories. The actual performance from that special was used to make a single 45rpm record that achieved #1 on the Billboard magazine charts.

To view a Vimeo video of that performance, click here.

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