Saturday, April 17, 2010

Remembering the NuBeats!

These were the NuBeats way back when, circa the late 50s. Here was Valley City's own record-cutting band comprised of (L-R) Bob Ingstad, Jr., Gordy Blaskowski, Tom Stine and Bryce Risser. Sadly, three members of this group passed away already, much too prematurely, and Bryce Risser is, as he says, "the last man standing." Actually, he's sitting in the photograph, taken at Olson's Studio in Valley City--where we all had our photos taken back then--and they're all wearing white socks. Good lookin' bunch! At least that's what the girls tell me.

To learn more about the NuBeats and the record they made at the same studio in which  Bobby Vee recorded in Minneapolis, listen to my INTERVIEW WITH BRYCE RISSER

You can also listen to the Nubeats record, side A is Carlotta and Side B is Spring Fever. Click on those links to hear the record. In the interview Bryce explains how the tune Carlotta got it's name. Thanks to Bryce for taking time to talk with me and thanks to his wife, LaRon, for emailing the above photo and sending along the music files. (These musical numbers are are copyrighted and used here with permission) - Larry Gauper, VH61, Blogmeister 


dennis gillund said...

Bryce, I still listen to your album and enjoy " Gentle Carpenter" and "Bill Langer". Look forward to seeing you. Dennis Gillund 61

Barb Sheppard Lang 61 VCHS said...

What a stunningly handsome group of young men! I do remember them well, and I still love the white sport coat era (and the pink carnations). We all looked so sharp, and we really never wore the "grunge" look so popular today.
I was really sorry to realize that Bryce is the only one left of the group. Another reason why everyone needs to make the effort to come to the reunion this summer!

Diane Sauer Hughes, VCHS '61 said...

Hey neighbor!! What a wonderful interview. It was nice to hear your voice! You and La Ron live in Sedona and Nick and I live in Tempe--we're still neighbors. I have your record but it is sadly warped and I don't have anything to play it on. It was great to hear the music again. See you this summer.