Hiliners61 Communication Team

Our 2010 reunion (50th Year celebration held during our 49th year since graduation) created a "Hiliners 61 Communication Team." This sub-committee continues to provide information and connections for you and all of our classmates. It's our gift to each of you and to ourselves as we enjoy our interactions with classmates as they contribute stories, ideas, news items and words of encouragement. We urge each of you to send us emails and/or place comments on the blog. - Barb (Sheppard) Lang, Diane (Sauer) Hughes, Larry Gauper and Ron Morsch - Email addresses for communication team members are available on the ABOUT THIS BLOG page. Click to it on the right side of this screen.

Sunday, December 31, 2017

Holiday Luncheon held on December 7, 2017

Back row: Barb Lang, Jan Arneson, Dave Maasjo, Doug Peterson, Judy Peterson and Tom Kahler. Next step down: Mary Ann Gamrath. Third row: Barb Gillund. Fourth row: Denny Gillund, Barry Borg and Larry Gauper. Front row: Bonnie Burchill, LouVay White, Cheryll Borg and Marleen Pytlik. 
An excellent lunch was supplied by several of our local hosts at the historic President's House on the campus of Valley City (ND) State University. Great conversation including the sharing of memories from decades gone by. Watch the forthcoming January newsletter for more on this. As soon as editor Diane (Sauer) Hughes releases her latest production, I'll post it in the "newsletter archive" here on the blog. Thanks to our leader, Barb (Sheppard) Lang for continuing to inspire and promote these "lunch bunch" gatherings! - LG, 12-21-2017

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Classmate Daniel Jackson passes away

Daniel John Jackson - recent photograph
We were saddened to hear of the loss of our former classmate (VCHS - 1961) and friend, Dan Jackson. Dan was born on April 6, 1943, in Lehigh, Iowa, and grew up in Valley City (ND). He passed away suddenly on Thursday, September 7, 2017, in the city where he lived, Wichita, Kansas. He is survived by his wife, Sheryl, children Jessica and Patrick, a brother, Robert (Victoria), a sister, Judith; nieces and nephews as well as many other relatives and friends.
Dan - from 1961 Sheyenne Yearbook
He graduated with an education degree from Valley City State University and taught for a few years in Rolette, ND, before moving to the state of Washington. Dan contributed his bio to Diane's 50th anniversary booklet and the bio is posted on this blog. To read it, click here.

According to his obituary:  "He took a long bicycle trek to Oregon where caught a ride with a relative going through Kansas. After stopping in Wichita, he worked as a chemist at Cessna and later own the A & E Analytical lab.

"He loved to travel, watch movies and was very involved in his children's lives. He was a loving song, husband, dad, brother and uncle. He will be greatly missed. The funeral was held on September 11 at St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Church in Andover, Kansas."

God bless the memory of Daniel Jackson. Our condolences and sympathy to Sheryl and their entire family. -  LG 9-12-2017

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

10 classmates volunteer for 2018 Reunion Committee

We have ten eager classmates stepping forward to help plan and run the 2018 Class of 1961 reunion in Valley City (ND) from Friday, June 15 through Sunday morning, June 17, according to the Chair of the VCHS Class of '61 Organizing Committee, Barb (Sheppard) Lang.

The Class of 1961 2018 Reunion Committee (as of August 16, 2018):
Barb Lang
Bonnie Burchill
Denny Gillund
Diane Hughes
Doug Peterson
Larry Gauper
LouVay White
Marlene Pytlik
Mary Ann Gamrath
Ron Morsch

Thanks to these stalwart classmates for answering the call! Be sure to read the latest information on how plans are coming and where to make group hotel reservations presented in a post on this blog.

Friday, August 11, 2017

Important info on 2018 class reunion

REMINDER: 57 years following the graduation of Valley City (ND) High School's Class of 1961, plans are coming along nicely for a mini-reunion scheduled for Friday, June 15, Saturday, June 16, and Sunday morning, June 17, 2018, according to Barb (Sheppard) Lang, Chair of the Hiliners61 Organizing Committee. Barb reports that "our event will happen during Valley City's annual Community Days celebrating the city's 135th Birthday Celebration (VC incorporated in 1883, just like Jamestown). Our base of operations will be at the President's House on the campus of Valley City State University."  

IMPORTANT NOTICE!  We have heard that hotels rooms are being booked already for next summer's many class reunions, so we encourage you to book early.  You can always cancel if plans change, of course. We have reserved 15 rooms (10 king rooms and 5 queens) at the Americinn in Valley City, and 15 rooms (10 kings and 5 double queens) at the Grand Stay Hotel/Suites, both located on Winter Show Road just off the Interstate in Valley City.
Our blocks of rooms at both hotels are booked under
"Valley City High School Class of 1961 Reunion Group" Here are the details:

Americinn Inn - 280 Winter Show Road, call direct to 701-845-5551 for our group reservation rate. King bed rooms will run from $114 - $126 per evening and the queens will be in the range of $99 - $111 per evening. Free internet, free full breakfasts, indoor pool.  Our block of rooms will be released on May 15, 2018.  Website, click here.

Grandstay Hotel & Suites of Valley City - 271 Winter Show Road, call direct to 701-490-3500 for our group reservation rate of $129 per room per evening. Free internet, free full breakfasts indoor pool/whirpool. Our block of rooms at this hotel will be released on April 15, 2018. www.grandstayhospitality.com

A preliminary schedule of events for the weekend should be available in an upcoming monthly newsletter (and here on the blog). We are evaluating possible interest in doing a Farm Tour of nearby farms where many of our classmates lived, especially during high school.  We'd rent a nice bus (with bathroom) and enjoy a fun afternoon/early evening together ("party bus time" with lots of great conversations/stories). More details will be available soon, and we will survey all of you as part of that newsletter, to determine whether to go forward with that idea or not.  - BSL

Friday evening we will gather with the Class of 1963 and possibly other classes from the early 60's for a supper at the Pavilion in Chautauqua Park.

We will be participating in the Community Days Parade on Saturday morning, with a Class of 1961 float. We'll all ride on Barry Borg's flatbed (with hay bales for seating and step stools to get us up on the flatbed) and the float will be pulled with one of Dave Maasjo's beautiful classic tractors. 

The President's House will be available all weekend for informal get-togethers and possibly some events as well. Community Days in Valley City always has its own schedule of activities to keep us entertained too.

Watch for our future newsletters and this blog for registration forms for the Reunion. Plans are to issue these soon. We would love to see a very big turn-out from the Class of 1961! Please do: enter your email address on the right side of the screen (in the FOLLOW BY EMAIL field) to receive alerts when we update the blog. Over the past few years, we have found that no recipients have complained of increased spam or unwanted emails caused by signing-up for these alerts).

Monday, August 7, 2017

Hiliners61 Newsletter Archive established

If you miss one of Diane's (Sauer) Hughes' monthly class newsletters, you can now find them all, including the current edition, in a new archive on this blog. Simply click on "NEWSLETTER ARCHIVE" on the right side of your screen and then click on the newsletter you're looking for. These are listed by month and are available in a PDF file.

In that listing on the top right side of the screen are various other items that may be of interest to you, each located on its own special "page," accessed through the links on that list.

Also, if you haven't already, be sure to include your email address in the box below the FOLLOW BY EMAIL" item below the special pages listing. Leaving your address will not stimulate more junk mail because addresses are not shared with any commercial or other organizational website. Once you're on the email list, you'll receive a notice whenever we update this blog.

Of course, as most of you know, the "classmate bios" submitted prior to our 2010 reunion are still posted and available as you scroll down the screen. After those bios, you'll find our "remembrance listing" of those class members who have passed away. If we've missed any death you know about, please let us know. Email addresses for your communication committee can be found under the "ABOUT THIS BLOG" item near the top right side of this screen.

Thanks to Ron Morsch for continuing to maintain our class list of names, spouses, postal  and email addresses. Maintaining this list takes a lot of diligent work and Ron does a great job with this and we thank him for it. We no longer post the address listing here on the blog for security and privacy reasons. If you'd like a copy - and you're a Hiliners61er -  simply send Ron an email requesting the list. His email address can be found under the "About this blog" item.

15 lunch bunchers gather in Casselton!

FRONT ROW (L-R): Liz Strom, Barbara (Sheppard) Lang, Colleen (Bryngelson) Zick, Bonnie (Cruff) Burchill, Judy Peterson - BACK ROW (L-R): Larry Gauper, Roger Strom, Dave Maasjo, Marry Ann (Musch) Gamrath, Gerry Gamrath, Charlie Zick, Tom Kahler, Marleen (Miller) Pytlik, Dennis Gillund, Doug Peterson
Another strong attendance (pictured above) at our monthly lunch bunch gathering, this time on July 27, 2017, in Casselton at the Governor's Inn Café. Great memories shared and it was especially good to see first-timers Roger and Liz Strom. Chair Barbara (Sheppard) Lang led a discussion of the 2018 "mini-reunion" scheduled for June 14-15-16, 2018 in Valley City. You'll be reading more about this event both on Diane (Sauer) Hughes monthly Hiliners61 newsletter and here on the blog. So stay tuned and start planning on this event now!

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Hiliners 1960 Championship Team honored February 10, 2017!

A number of members of the 1960 Valley City (ND) High School Hiliners 1960 Class-A Championship Basketball Team and several cheerleaders were honored at a regularly scheduled home game on the evening of February 10, 2017.  Pictured below are those team members present for the recognition ceremony:
1960 Championship Team members and three of the cheerleading squad:  L-R: Front row, Harvey Lerud, Dennis Grubb, Mary Kankelfritz, Barb Rome Gillund. Back row: Ray Bernston, Denny Gillund, Hank Toring, Howard Svenningson, Lee Samson and Sandy Vorhees Toring.

Below, is the official 1960 Hiliners Team photo currently on display at Valley City High School. All of us were, and are still, extremely proud of these guys and the cheerleading squad!

Three of the Hiliners' 1960 Cheerleading squad were honored at the home game on February 10, 2017. Above is a closer picture than the team shot above. L-R: Mary Kankelfritz, Barb (Rome) Gillund, Sandy (Vorhees) Toring.  57 years later, they're still lookin' MAAvelous!

Here's a photo of Carolyn Eggert Samson and husband, Lee. Both were on hand for the Hiliners' 1960 recognition ceremony in Valley City on February 10, 2017.

MANY THANKS to LouVay (Ruemler) White for the February 10th photos! Good job, LouVay, and much appreciated by all of us on the Communications Team!  - Larry Gauper, Blogmeister

Saturday, February 11, 2017

19 Lunch Bunchers gather in Valley City!

The VCHS Class of 1961 had a marvelous turnout of 19 people at the Lunch Bunch gathering at the Valley City Country Club on February 9, 2017. Conversations never stopped, many hugs were exchanged Several in the group were convinced to attend the Hi Liners’ basketball game on Friday evening, since the 1960 State Championship Basketball team was introduced during half-time of the game!  Photos coming of the honoring ceremony for the 1960 Champions on February 9th. Below, the group shot from the luncheon:

All rows, L to R: (Front row) Bonnie Cruff Burchill, Colleen Bryngelson Zick, Marleen Miller Pytlik, Cheryll Hanson Borg. (Middle row) Barb Rome Gillund, Judy Peterson, Lou Vay Ruemler White, Mary Ann Musch Gamrath, Barb Sheppard Lang, Dave Maasjo, Sandy Voorhees Toring, Barry Borg. (Back row) Denny Gillund, Janna Zaun, Doug Peterson, Gerry Gamrath, Tom Kahler, Hank Toring, Larry Gauper.

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Celebration of Life Service remembering Bryce Risser

As most of you know by now, Bryce Nathan Risser passed away unexpectedly at his home in Sedona, Arizona, on December 8, 2016. The above Junior Class photo is a scan from the 1961 Sheyenne Yearbook. No funeral or memorial service was held soon after his death, however, I received an email from his classmate and my childhood friend, Paul Merrett, about a recent "Celebration of Life" Service in honor of Bryce.  The report Paul sent to me is reproduced below. Thanks, Paul, for sending this and God bless the memory of a dear friend and fellow Hiliner, Bryce Risser:


"I made the trip from Las Cruces over to Sedona AZ last Tuesday (January 17, 2017) for the Celebration of Life service for Bryce Risser. It was a very nice tribute to our departed friend. It was attended by about 40 or 50 people including his son Nathan, daughter Laura and one of his sisters, JoAnn and her husband, and his ex LaRon.  All of those individuals shared their memories of him and, afterword several others shared their thoughts and memories also, yours truly included.

"In addition their were musical numbers provided by people who had worked with Bryce in different capacities over the years there in Sedona. His brother-in-law, Viv (Yup, that's his name) sang the Lord's Prayer a capella in his operetically trained voice. That brought a few tears to the eyes.

"Overall the theme was very upbeat and not sad or melancholy. I think Bryce would have been quite pleased with the way things were conducted. As it was said by his former wife, LaRon, when she had asked him once how he wanted to be remembered, he replied, 'Often and always.' I'm quite convinced that that is how it will be. I was told by his son, Nate, that they are also planning on having another Celebration of Life service later in Valley City for those who could not attend this one. Please pass this along to whomever you feel might like to hear about it."  - Thanks, Paul

And thank you, Paul, for thinking of us in the Hiliners61 group. Please continue to keep us posted.

To read Bryce's obituary from Valley City Times-Record, published not long after Bryce's death,
click here

To read an article about Bryce and the NuBeats band and to hear an interview I did with Bryce in 2010 please click here.  When you click on the interview link, the mp3 audio file may take a moment or two to load.  - Larry Gauper, Hiliners61 Blogmeister

Monday, September 19, 2016

Barb visits two classmates!

Our Class of 1961 Alumni Chair, Barb (Sheppard) Lang along with her husband, Art Todd, visited Beth (Carlisle) Anderson and her husband Dick, as well as with Marilyn (Vandestreek) Burton on a recent trip to Oregon and Utah.

Beth and Barb on the Oregon Coast
In the above photo, Beth and Barb are shown after they climbed a long ramp up a huge sand dune in Pacific City, Oregon. Then, Beth went all the way down the other side, which is comprised of only sand, for a quick walk on the Pacific Coat beach. Barb says she "only went about half way!"

Barb adds: "Beth and Dick drove six hours from Bellingham, Washington (where the couple lives), to spend a couple of days with us as we vacationed together along the Pacific Coast. We had a grand time and it seemed like we were right back in high school again, except for a few aches."

Beth, Barb and Dick are shown here taking in the beautiful Pacific Coast scenery, half-way between Cannon and Rockaway Beaches in Oregon. Barb says, "If you have not visited the Oregon coast, it should go on your bucket list, as it is just beautiful out there."  Above photos by Dick Anderson
Barb and Marilyn
Barb also reports: "Marilyn Vandestreek Burton and I enjoyed a marvelous lunch together in Ogden, Utah, on September 12, 2016, as we were driving back from a wedding near Portland, Oregon. Art gets credit for taking the above photo, although he did not get two words in during lunch! Marilyn is doing alright and is very glad that her daughter and grand kids live in Ogden, not far from her place." 

September 2016 Lunch Bunch planned in Valley City!

The Hiliners61 North Dakota Lunch Bunch will gather on Thursday, September 29, 2016, at 11:30 A.M. at Sabir's Restaurant in Valley City. Please RSVP Bonnie at 701-845-1683 or email her at cyclerwannabe@hotmail.com. Hope you can attend!

Monday, August 29, 2016

August 2016 Lunch Bunch meets in Valley City

Back row, L-R: Gary Swenson, Coral (Peterson) Reberg, Linda Holm, Dave Maajso, Tom Kahler, Barry Borg, Cheryll (Hanson) Borg; Front row, L-R: Bonnie (Cruff) Burchill, LouVay (Ruemler) White, Sandi (Meyer) Bruns, Barb (Sheppard) Lang and Marleen (Miller) Pytlik  
A dozen members of the VCHS Class of 1961 alumni gathered on August 25, 2016, for another "Lunch Bunch" luncheon, held this month at the Valley City (ND) Country Club. Our Chair, Barb (Sheppard) Lang commented: "We were so delighted to find Coral (Peterson) Reberg waiting for us at the Country Club. She and her husband, Jerry, were visiting in Valley from their home in Mercedes, Texas. He arrived near the end of the luncheon to take the above photograph. Thanks, Jerry! Those of you who did not make it missed a good lunch and LOTS of great conversation." Watch this blog and/or your email for the date and place of the September luncheon.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

2018 Hiliners61 mini-reunion scheduled!

Barb (Sheppard) Lang, Chair of Hiliners61 Coordinating Committee, reports:

"I have pretty well locked in the critical arrangements for our 2018 Mini-Reunion now scheduled for June 14-15-16, 2018. Our event will be during Valley City's annual Community Days and also the city's 125th Birthday Celebration.

 "The President's House is booked, and I have blocks of rooms at the AmercInn and GrandStay motels in Valley City.

"AmericInn rates will be $127.49 for King rooms and $94.99 for double queens. I have 10 Kings and 5 Queens booked there (2018 rates are, of course, subject to possible but not expected change).

"GrandStay rates will be $129+tax per room and I've booked 10 Kings and 5 Queens at that motel too (GrandStay gave me a firm written rate).

"Have not made arrangements to rent a bus for a Farm Tour, but I don't think that's as critical as getting the motel rooms lined-up."

Barb also adds that our class has been invited to attend a gathering on Friday afternoon, June 15, 2018, at the Pavilion in Chautauqua Park. This is where all the various VCHS Class Reunions will be together. So far, invited classes are 61-62-63-64-65.

Mark your calendars, everyone, and watch this blog and Diane's newsletter for more information as it develops.

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Remembering Classmate Jim Froelich

Recent photo of Jim Froelich
"On behalf of the Valley City High School Class of 1961, we extend our deepest sympathy to the family of fellow classmate Jim Froelich." -- Barbara (Sheppard) Lang, Chair of the Hiliners61
Alumni Coordinating Committee

Here's the obituary from the Valley City Times-Record:  James ""Jim"" Froelich, age 72, died at the Mayo Hospital, Rochester, Minn. February 21, 2016. He was born August 23, 1943 in Valley City, ND, to Charles and Belinda [ Paulson] Froelich. Jim attended a one room country school and graduated from Valley City High School in 1961. He served honorably in the ND Army National Guard from 1964 until 1970. On May 11, 1964, Jim married Darlene Merkel of Wing, ND in Trinity Lutheran Church at Valley City, ND. They had three sons, Todd, Jay, and Shawn.

Jim and Darlene farmed in Getchell Township north of Valley City until 1993. During that time he served on the Getchell Township Board and was Chairman of the Barnes County Township Officers Association. He also served as a Director and Chairman of the Board of the Valley City Cenex Cooperative. After farming  Jim worked for Homan Feed and Seed in Valley City and managed Homan Feed and Seed businesses in Carrington and Bismarck.

Jim enjoyed hunting and fishing, especially catching big Northern Pike on the Missouri River south of Bismarck. He and Jay caught many big Northern Pike on the Missouri. Jim did many things in his life, but his family was always his first love.

Jim is survived by the love of his life and wife of 52 years, Darlene; sons, Todd [Renate] Froelich, Jay Froelich and Shawn Froelich; grandsons, Daniel [Kyrstin] Froelich and Dustin Froelich and fiancĂ©, Glenna Vinton. Sister Frances Harshman, brother John [Sandra] Froelich, brother-in-law Darrell Johnson, and special brother-in-law Doug Merkel who grew up on the farm with Jim and Darlene, and numerous  nieces and nephews. Jim was proceeded in death by his parents, Charles and Belinda Froelich, sisters, Lillian Franklin, Margaret Wittenberg, and Joyce Johnson. Services and burial will be at the ND Veterans Cemetary at Mandan, ND at a later date. Condolences: 1818 E. Capitol Ave. # 207, Bismarck, ND. 58501-2116.  Published on  Feb. 26, 2016.

From the 1961 VCHS Sheyenne Yearbook:

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Classmate Verynce Benson Ellickson passes away

Diane (Sauer) Hughes reports: It is with regret that I inform you that we have lost one of our classmates this month, Vernyce Benson Ellickson. Below is a message I received from her husband, Jim, along with a link to the obituary posted from Clear Lake, Iowa, where they live.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to Verny’s family.

From Jim Ellickson in a message to Diane and classmates: "I am Verny’s husband. I regret to tell you that she passed away last Monday, February 1st.  She had been fighting a chronic illness for the last 13 years – in fact, her doctors at Mayo clinic told her 13 years ago that she probably had less than a year, so we are all grateful for the bonus years that we had with her.

"I know she enjoyed the HiLiners61 newsletter that you would send out. She would have loved to visit one of the gatherings in Valley City but her illness prevented any extended travel. Thank you for the memories you gave her with your newsletter."  - Jim 

To read Vernyce's obituary from the funeral home's website, click here.  - LG 2-9-2016

Sunday, February 7, 2016

LouVay reports on winter tour and classmate visits!

L-R - Marilyn (Vandestreek) Burton, LouVay (Ruemler) White, and Evonne Ames (Marilyn's daughter). 
Rhea (Delabarre) Mills and LouVay (Ruemler) White

LouVay and husband, Jim, took a winter trip and visited with classmates in warmer places.

She reports:  "January, 2016 was the fifth anniversary of receiving the diagnosis of Acute Myelogenous Leukemia.  It was also the fourth anniversary of receiving my sister’s stem cells!  It was also the month we took a fun road trip!

"We set off on January 9th with few plans, except to find some warmer weather, and no real time schedule, except to be home at least by the end of January. We found warmer weather almost immediately since the morning we left it was well below zero!  We made it to Tempe, Arizona,  in time for the Desert Lunch Diane had arranged and also visited friends from Valley City who winter in the area. It seemed that at least one-fourth of the retired population of VC must “snow-bird” within a 30-mile radius of Mesa!

"We enjoyed the Grand Canyon and Superstition mountains and then visited friends in Tucson. Off to San Diego, taking in the traditional tourist sights including Balboa Park and its many museums, the zoo, trolley ride around the city, etc. Our hotel was just across from the Park so we didn’t move the car for two days – a nice break and a chance to do some walking. My favorite at the zoo: the busy, noisy, beautifully-colored flamingos! Then to Hoover Dam and Las Vegas.   We were downtown the night all the fuss was happening with the shooting outside the Bellaggio Hotel. Lots of police cruisers and activity.

"It was a nice change of pace to visit Zion National Park and Bryce Canyon after all the traffic of the cities, and I suspect much more peaceful now than with summertime visitors. We didn’t escape snow and icy roads entirely – at least three inches of snow on the ground when we got up in Beaver, Utah, but it didn’t deter us from making our lunch date in Ogden with Marilyn and her family. On the way to Salt Lake City, we encountered 10 cars in the ditch but, of course, with a seasoned ND driver at the wheel, we were only concerned with the cars around us messing up! After our lunch with Marilyn, Evonne, and Jason, we turned our sights east and home. A few more icy roads in Wyoming and a few more nights at motels took us to lunch with Rhea and Earl. Then we headed north for the final trek, arriving the afternoon of January 27th with an additional 5,607 miles on the odometer. We both agreed our favorite part of the trip was visiting friends, some of whom we hadn’t seen for quite a while, and Zion/Bryce. Since this trip went so well, who knows – January of 2017 may just see us heading south and east!" - Submitted by LouVay (Ruemler) White

Thanks, LouVay, for your excellent photos and highly interesting report! -  LG

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Lunch Bunch gathers in Arizona!

The Claim Jumper Restaurant in Tempe was the site of the first gathering of HiLiner61ers in Arizona, January 13, 2016.  For two hours, the group visited, ate lunch and shared a slice of chocolate motherlode cake for dessert – yum! "The Lunch Bunch in the Desert" may be the start of a fun, new tradition. - Submitted by Hiliners61 newsletter editor Diane (Sauer) Hughes

Left: Jim and Lou Vay White, Mo Young and sister Holly Terrell. Right: Nick Hughes, Dale and Sue Rolfzen, and Diane Hughes. Bryce Risser and Stan Orness were nursing colds and missed the event, so those who can will get together with Stan and Sharon and Bryce later this winter.  Click on photo for larger image. 

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Lunch Bunch meets in Valley City!

Despite some snowy, icy road conditions on Thursday, November 19, 2015, a stalwart group of Hiliners61 "lunch bunchers" enjoyed a pre-holiday luncheon at the President's House on the campus of Valley City (N. Dak) State University. A great time was had by all, as indicated by this photograph of the group sent to the blog by LouVay and Barb.

Front row: Bonnie (Cruff) Burchill, Linda Holm, Marleen (Miller) Pytlik; Second row: Cheryll Borg, Barbara (Sheppard) Lang, LouVay (Ruemler) White and Hank Bruns; Third row: Barry Borg, Sandi (Meye) Bruns; Fourth row: Dave Johnson, Dave Maasjo. Slipped out before this photograph was taken: Jan (Zaun) Arneson.  Photographer: Art Todd

A January "Lunch Bunch" gathering is being planned, according to Barb, and check or "follow" this blog for more information!   You can automatically receive alerts to updates of this blog by entering you email address in the "FOLLOW BY EMAIL" box on the right side of this page.

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Lunch Bunch meets at Fargo Pizza Ranch

Here we are on Thursday, October 29, 2015 at the Pizza Ranch in Fargo. Eight of us gathered for great conversation and some fun eating. The Fargo Pizza Ranch's chicken is tasty! L-R:  LouVay WhiteDennis Gillund, Les Brix, Barb Lang, Tom Kahler, Judy Peterson (Doug's spouse), Doug Peterson,
and, yours truly
Larry Gauper

Thursday, October 1, 2015

"Have an antelope for lunch bunch" meet in Wyoming!

The First Annual "Colorado-Wyoming VCHS Class of  '61 "Have an Antelope for Lunch Bunch" met on Saturday, September 26, 2015, at La Cocina in Casper, Wyoming. Maureen "Mo" Pederson Young, her daughter Vicki Young and Mo's significant other, Don Scott, joined Ron Morsch and Marty Trexler for the event. Mo and Ron had their picture taken prior to lunch with Mo's "almost state record" buck antelope, but, alas, as you can see in the second photo, below, the antelope was "hung up" and not able to make it for lunch. Ron adds:  "We had a great time in Wyoming, my 16th year of hunting antelope there. And visiting with Mo is always fun!" 

Ron went "2 for 2" on his antelope tags this year (2 days, 2 antelope) so the larder is well-stocked at the Morsch homestead. --Photos and info submitted to the blog by Ron Morsch
L-R: Vicki Young, Maureen "Mo" Pederson Young, Don Scott, Ron Morsch and Marty Trexler

Mo Pederson Young and Ron Morsch, with Mo's trophy antelope!

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Alaskan cruise special offer to 61ers and all North Dakotans

We are excited to offer Hiliners61ers as well as all North Dakotans and friends something very special: a Holland America cruise lines to Alaska, June 19-26, 2016. This cruise will celebrate the successful expansion of the North Dakota Heritage Center in Bismarck. This special offers comes to us through Barb (Sheppard) Lang who is a board member of the State Historical Society of North Dakota Foundation (she's in the photo below).
The State Historical Society of North Dakota Foundation and Staff salute the grand opening of the expanded North Dakota Heritage Center. Barb is third from the left. Photo posted with permission of the Heritage Center Foundation.
Kirk Lanterman, Chairman Emeritus of Holland America and a native of Mandan, N. Dak., and his wife, Janet, are strong supporters of the North Dakota Heritage Center. In recognition of the outstanding effort to preserve and and display our state's heritage, the Lantermans have generously offered a special package for all North Dakotans, that include reduced fares, special offshore tours, and on-board receptions and other perks that this cruise a very exceptional and appealing trip!

Click on the links below for PDF documents about the cruise

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Breakfast group gathers in Fargo

L-R: Verna, Tom, and John
John Manstrom and spouse, Verna (Triebold, Class of 1962) joined Tom Kahler, Doug Peterson, and yours truly (see gang of four, below) at our fairly regular Wednesday morning Panera Bread breakfast in Fargo (Sept. 2, 2015).

It was great seeing John and Verna, from a northern suburb of Atlanta, Georgia, who were in North Dakota visiting Valley City relatives. John, as reported previously on this blog, was a Captain for Delta Airlines, a company he served for over 30 years, after his discharge from the U. S. Navy. We visited from about 8:00 AM until noon, Verna joined us around 10:00 AM. Super catching up on old times and fond memories of high school and beyond. - LG

L-R: Tom Kahler, Doug Peterson, Larry Gauper, and John Manstrom
Click on picture for larger image

Monday, August 31, 2015

Classmate remembers singing for General Omar Bradley

Editor's Note from Barbara Sheppard Lang: Our Junior High classmate, Warren Olson, had a multitude of unique experiences throughout his many years of participation in musical groups, well beyond Junior High in Valley City, ND.  He recently came across a photo of a quartet he was part of while he was stationed at White Sands Missile Range and living in El Paso, TX. The quartet was called the "Bordertown Barnstormers" (three of the members were pilots). Warren is pictured third from the left in the photo below.  Pretty snazzy outfits under those Bomber jackets!
The Bordertown Barnstormers with General of the Army Omar N. Bradley on November 11, 1980.
Pictured l-r:  David Carmichael, Tenor - Don Topliff, Lead - Warren Olson, Bass - John Eby, Baritone.
Click on picture for larger image.
Warren writes:

"We were first exposed to General of the Army (5-Star) Omar Bradley after he and his wife, Kitty, had attended one of our men's chorus groups (Border Chorders) shows in the El Paso Civic Center.  Because of that, we began receiving invites to sing for him in small groups... he enjoyed being entertained, even at his advanced age.

"Soon, our quartet was invited to sing in Bradley's home at Ft. Bliss, particularly for Veteran's Day celebrations and for Omar's birthday.

"Over time, we became his favorite quartet!  The General visited us at White Sands Missile Range occasionally. He loved getting caught up with our studies and war-games.When finished, he'd board his Huey and fly up into the Sacramento Mountains to fly fish in his wheelchair before heading back to Ft. Bliss. I was never privileged to hear many of his stories, but "The Soldier's General" must have had volumes of those stories, to include Ike's dealings with Patton. I was always intrigued with the many large filing cabinets throughout his quarters, and probably some safes as well! Gen. Bradley had consulted on the movie Patton and other films, and his wife, Kitty, was a screenwriter. See: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Omar_Bradley.

"At his 88th birthday party (on February 12, 1981), Bradley was clearly nearing the end of his life, but he called in the photographer, still knew our names, and autographed a photo for each of us.  He was a class act. To the very end he loved singing and was a very gracious host.  It was delightful being around him.  He died on April 9th, 1981 in his wheelchair while going up the elevator to his suite one day at the Waldorf Astoria in New York, shortly after receiving an honor.  We were all saddened to hear that our last Five-Star General and friend had finally succumbed." Contributed by Warren Olson - THANKS to Warren and Barb from your Blogmeister!

Paperweight given to Warren and other members of the singing group
commemorating General Bradley''s birthday.

Sunday, August 2, 2015

54th VCHS Class Reunion successful!

From Barbara Sheppard Lang, organizer of the reunion and chair of the classmates' committee:

Forty participants gathered for a fun weekend in Valley City, N. Dak., from Friday, July 24 to Sunday, July 26, 2015. Our base of operations was the President's House on the campus of Valley City State University.

On Friday evening, we gathered at the Pavilion at Chautauqua Park. What a good time we had getting reacquainted with each other - some of whom we had not seen in more than 50 years! Perhaps the the funnest "recognition" story happened when Bobby Neilsen came through the door and Doug Peterson (who was registering everyone) did not recognize him. They were good buddies in high school and have kept in touch via telephone quite frequently through the years, but they have not actually seen each other since those "good ol' days." After about a five-second delay, I recognized Bob's smile, so went over to give him a hug and introduced him to Doug. Well, you can imagine his amazement, and complete surprise, to realize that this good looking young man was his buddy, Bobby! To view a PowerPoint PDF of Friday night photos, click here. To view a file of Friday night photos only so you can download shots you want to print, click here.

A delicious super with several varieties of lasagna, salad, fruit and garlic bread was enjoyed by all, This was organized by classmate Marleen Miller Pytlik and her crew from Trinity Lutheran Church in Valley City. The excellent dinner was followed by a delicious home-made ice cream dessert and coffee served by LouVay Ruemler White. 

Saturday morning, 15 classmates enjoyed a tour of Valley City High School, which is now merged wit the Junior High. The two-in-one school now takes up the entire block. Most of the structure appeared "new" to us - but we did find our Chemistry and Physics classrooms, and Mr. Weiss's classroom. The multitude of athletic facilities in the building was simply awesome. Schools have certainly changed in 54 years!   To view a PowerPoint PDF of the tour with CAPTIONS, click here  To view a file of tour photos only without captions but you can download a full resolution version to make prints, click here.

Saturday afternoon, a dozen of us went for a peaceful pontoon ride for about an hour and half on Lake Ashtabula. Most noticeable was the addition of dozens of homes on the lake, some very large and fancy! Bayshore Landing is still there and is still managed by George Freadoff, and so is the Marina at Baldhill Dam. 

Saturday evening, we all descended on the President's House for an evening meal and lots of conversation. Friendships were renewed and information/stories about classmates were shared. It was a casual, laid-back evening, and the the great benefit offered by the President's House was the ease in which we could carry-on small group conversations. After all, wasn't this reunion about talking to one another? That we did, for sure!

Sunday morning, about a dozen of us met one last time together for a light breakfast before heading back to our various homes around the country. The reunion was judged to be a resounding success, and talks began about what to do for the next time we all get together. Plans are definitely in the works for a Mini-Reunion in 2018 and a full scale reunion (our 60th) in 2021. Stay tuned for some "save the date" information!  - Barbara Sheppard Lang

If you have any problems in viewing or downloading through the above links to the Friday night or tour photos, contact me at Wordchipper@gmail.com. I can help. - Larry Gauper

Click on photos for larger image
CLASSMATES PHOTO - all rows left to right. Front row: Mary Ann Musch Gamrath, John Keller (our business teacher), Colleen Bryngelson Zick, Bonnie Cruff Burchill, Barbara Sheppard Lang and Larry Gauper; Middle row: Sandi Meyer Bruns, Margaret Peterson Anderson, Jeralyn Olson Behm, Barb Brown Schmidt, Marleen Miller Pytlik, Linda Holm, Jan Zaun Arneson, Maureen "Mo" Pedersen Young and LouVay Ruemler White; Back row: Roy Lang, Barry Borg, Les Brix, Ron Morsch, Dave Johnson, Bob Neilsen, Denny Gillund, Tom Kahler, Jerry Offner, Gary Swenson, Doug Peterson, Don Dawkins and Ross Noeske (not pictured: Shirley Geist Henne).
ALL ATTENDEES PHOTO: - all rows left to right. Front row: Mary Ann Musch Gamrath, John Keller (our business teacher), Colleen Bryngelson Zick, Bonnie Cruff Burchill, Barbara Sheppard Lang and Larry Gauper; Second row: Sandi Meyer Bruns, Cheryll Hanson Borg, Lorrie Lang, Margaret Peterson Anderson, Marleen Miller Pytlik, Linda Holm, and LouVay Ruemler White; Third row: Barry Borg, Roy Lang, Kristi Arnold (Barb Brown's daughter), Lorny Behm (partially obscured), Jeralyn Olson Behm, Barb Brown Schmidt, Maureen "Mo" Pedersen Young, Jan Zaun Arneson, Claire Swensen, Judy Peterson, Don Dawkins and Ross Noeske; Fourth row: Marty Trexler (Ron Morsch's spouse), Bob Neilsen, Denny Gillund, and Gary Swenson; Back row: Hank Bruns, Jim White, Gerry Gamrath, Art Todd (Barb Lang's hubby, partially obscured), Les Brix, Ron Morsch (mostly obscured), Dave Johnson, Tom Kahler, Jerry Offner, and Doug Peterson (not pictured: Shirley Geist Henne).
NEW CLASS ROSTER POSTED!  Thanks to classmate Ron Morsch asking all attendees at the recent Class of '61 reunion in Valley City to update their information, we now have the latest class roster posted here on the blog. Go to the "class rosters" area on the right side of your screen for all available rosters. Ron's latest PDF spreadsheet is dated 30 July 2015. Note that if you downloaded this spreadsheet prior to August 1, do it again as Ron has added Gary Skramstad and Sharon Bitz Bailey's contact info since first publishing this version. The latest remains dated 30 July 2015 until further notice. Appreciate your diligent work on this, Ron, and great seeing you and Marty at the reunion!

Saturday, June 27, 2015

1971 picnic film re-posted

Classmates: after taking down the video transfer of the film I shot of our 1971 class picnic to make some adjustments, I have re-posted it. You can access it by clicking on the "TEN-YEAR PICNIC FILM" menu item on the right side of the screen. This fun event happened on the Sunday after our ten-year reunion. -  L. G.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Updated VCHS Class of 1961 roster posted

Please note that Ron Morsch has produced an update to his previous update of the VCHS Class of '61 roster, with spouses. This latest roster, dated 3 June 2015, is now posted here on the blog. Look under "1961 Class Rosters" on the right side of this screen. Thanks, Ron, for your work on this - much appreciated!

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Three amigos meet in Fargo!

L-R: Tom Kahler, Larry Gauper, Doug Peterson, at Panera Bread in Fargo  - 6 May 2015
Tom Kahler, on the left, and yours truly, in the middle, usually have breakfast at Panera Bread in Fargo, in the northwest corner of the West Acres area in Fargo, every Wednesday morning. Joining us today was Doug Peterson, another Class of '61er, from Wahpeton. His spouse, Judy, joined us later in the morning. Tom and I normally spend about two hours, from 8:30 to 10:30 AM, jawing about anything and everybody who isn't there. Doug showed-up today to defend himself. And he did a fine job of it. It's great fun getting together for these breakfast coffee sessions and it was a real bonus having Doug with us today. Hey, all 61er's are most welcome! Join us some Wednesday morning when you can make it. Nobody knows how to get together like members of the Class of 1961, Valley City High School.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

15 classmates gather for Fargo luncheon!

(L-R) Back row: Denny Gillund, Larry Gauper, Russ Schroeder, Doug Peterson, Tom Kahler, Lee Sampson, Dave Maasjo, Gary Swenson  - Front row: Emily Schroeder (Russ's wife), Judy (Scully) Manley, Judy Peterson (Doug's wife), Carolyn (Eggert) Sampson (Lee's wife) , Marleen (Miller) Pytlik, Bob Nestoss, Claire Swenson (Gary's wife) - Click on picture for larger image
Despite a number of unexpected last-minute events that caused some classmates to miss our first-ever Fargo Hiliners61 luncheon, fifteen of us showed-up and, according to initial reports, a great time was had by all. Certainly, there was plenty of conversation!

Some of the classmates who attended had not been together for a long, long time. For example, I hadn't seen Russ Schroeder since high school graduation and I was happy to meet Emily for the first time. Hadn't seen Lee Sampson and spouse, Carolyn (Eggert) Sampson, since our days at Valley High.

Was also fun to see our class's Irish lass, Judy (Scully) Manley, again and was pleased that Judy Peterson, Doug's wife, accompanied him on this luncheon visit. Judy is now retired from a career of teaching dental hygiene at the North Dakota State School of Science in Wahpeton and I, for one, have been served by a number of dental hygienists who were well-taught their skills by "Mrs. Peterson."

Denny Gillund and Tom Kahler arrived together - Denny and his spouse, the former Barbara Rome - spend much of the summers at a nearby Minnesota lake cabin, coming north from their home in Apple Valley, Minn., a Twin Cities suburb. Tom and I have been enjoying coffee and conversation every Wednesday morning. I told the group we "talk about everybody who isn't there." All complimentary, of course.

Gary Swenson and his spouse, Claire, have become "regulars" at our luncheon and it's always fun to see them. Gary recounted some experiences from his Navy life and his metal cutting work. Dave Maasjo told us about his "hobby tractors." He rebuilds old tractors like Stan Orness revitalizes classic cars.

And Marleen (Miller) Pytlik brought along a supply of Hiliners61 mugs that were left over from the 50th reunion and they were quickly grabbed-up by classmates who could use an extra and very classic souvenir mug, originally presented to classmates by Barbara (Sheppard) Lang. Thanks, again, Barb!

Also joining us for this luncheon was Bob Nestoss, retired from 32 years with t the Veterans Administration. He lives with his wife, Connie, in Fargo. Bob's son and his wife have presented the proud grandparents with three beautiful grand daughters. It was fun to see him at our Fargo luncheon!

No plans were made for an April luncheon. Some suggested going "every other month." We'll wait to hear what our chairperson, Barb Lang says on this subject.

Thanks to everyone who stopped by - the Holiday Inn did a super job with our luncheon choices. - Larry Gauper 3-26-2015

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Lunch Bunch meets in February in Valley City!

Back row, left to right: 
Gary Swenson, Barry Borg, Denny Gillund, Linda Holm, Tom Kahler,
Bonnie Cruff  Burchill, Dave Maasjo and Larry Gauper.
Front row, left to right: 
Claire Swenson (Gary’s wife), Barb Sheppard Lang,  Cheryll Hanson Borg (Barry’s wife),
Marleen Miller Pytlik, LouVay Ruemler White, and Jeralyn Olson Behm.
Click on picture for larger image
Fourteen Hiliners '61 classmates gathered for lunch on Thursday, February 26, 2015, at the public golf course restaurant, south of I-94, in Valley City. Great conversation was enjoyed by all, with Barb (Sheppard) Lang chairing the business meeting.

As per the alert near the top of this blog, it was decided to schedule a Fargo gathering on March 26, 2015, at a restaurant to be named. RSVPs, Barb said, should go to me at LarryG@cableone.net. We hope we can increase our attendance at the March gathering, which should be more convenient for a number of "kids" who haven't been to one of these lunch bunch get-togethers in Valley City. We'll keep you posted, so watch this blog and your in-box for editor Diane (Sauer) Hughes' newsletter.

If you haven't already, please enter your email address in the "FOLLOW THIS BLOG" box on the top, right-hand side of this screen. Then, you'll receive, via email, the latest posts as they're published. Many have done this and I've used this feature for years with no problem or excess spam because of entering an email address.

More photos from the February lunch are coming, both in Diane's newsletter and here on the blog. So stay tuned! Barb will also have more news about the July Hiliners '61 reunion, coming soon. - Larry Gauper 3-1-2015

Friday, February 13, 2015

Special page added with 1956 fire photographs

If you've viewed the video but would like to know a little more about the fire and study the color photographs by Jim Miller and the black and whites by Al Olson (classmate Warren Olson's brother), a new "tabbed page" is now live here on the blog. Look toward the top on the RIGHT SIDE of the screen for a listing of pages. Click on the 1956 Valley City Fire link.

If you haven't seen the latest version of the video, click on this title: 1956 Valley City Fire   This is version dated 02-09-2015. Further down on this blog, you'll find an earlier post regarding the video, which features Barbara (Sheppard) Lang's remembrances of that terrible night.

Friday, January 30, 2015

1961 classmate group gathers for lunch in Valley City!

January Lunch Bunch (L-R): Doug and Judy Peterson, Bonnie Cruff Burchill, Dave Maasjo in back, then Barry Borg (hand on chest) and his wife Cheryll in front of him, Marleen Miller Pytlik, Tom Kahler and Linda Holm and LouVay   (click on picture for larger image)

Thanks to Doug Peterson for the above photo, taken January 29th, 2015. LouVay (Ruemler) White writes: "At our lunch today, we set the date for the February luncheon on the last Thursday, February 26 at 11:30 at Woodland Park. This is the old Peanut Bar which is just south of I-94 formerly known as the Peanut Bar and right next to Bjornson, Golf Park. Use the frontage road in front of Dietrich Bus company to reach it. Good food, good company today!

If you plan to attend the February luncheon, please let LouVay know via email: LouVayWhite@hotmail.com
She would like to know how many are coming so she can reserve space. If you decide at the last minute, COME ANYWAY! We'll find a place for you.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Remembering the 1956 fire in downtown Valley City

On a winter night in 1956, Valley Appliance and the S & L Store in Valley City, North Dakota, burned to the ground. The appliance store, located in downtown Valley City was owned by the Roy Sheppard family. As most of our class of 1961 knows, the store was rebuilt and remained a prominent Valley City business over many years, renamed "Sheppard's," selling appliances and phonograph records. It's where I, as a teenager, along with many of you, bought 45s of popular tunes. 

The daughter of the owner of Valley Appliance and our classmate, Barbara (Sheppard) Lang, recalls her family's experiences after the fire and her own memories of that terrible night. Barb and I recorded this video on November 20, 2014, during the Hiliners61' "lunch bunch" luncheon in the President's House on the campus of Valley City State University.

Included in the video are color photos taken that night by Jim Miller and black and white photos taken by Al Olson, classmate Warren Olson's brother. After Al saw the first version of the video with Miller's photos, he sent us six excellent black and white photographs and we thank him for contributing to the video. Together, Miller's and Olson's photographs vividly help re-create this sad moment in Valley City history.

Our thanks to Wes Anderson, curator of the Barnes County Historical Museum, for providing us with the color photographs of the fire and pictures of our former Junior High School and the "Right Price Department Store," a local retailer also lost because of a fire during an earlier era. 

If you have memories of that night, please share them with us in the comments section below.

Click here to see the video.

Remember these kids?

(Left to right) Back row: Tom Kahler, Nadine Johnson, Pastor Lawrence Rydquist, Linda Holm, Russell Danielson, Barbara Brown - Front row: Barry Borg, Elvin Schlotman, Lyle Pedersen, Vicki Christianson, Bonnie Borg, Vince Christianson, Ronald Johnson, David Nelson    (click on picture for larger image)

Thanks to Tom Kahler (VCHS '61) for sharing the above photograph of his confirmation class at Nebo Lutheran Church in Valley City, N. Dak.  You '61ers may recall that Nebo was located just northwest of the high school on 5th Street N.W. In fact, my grandmother lived in the church's former parsonage which she and my aunt bought after my grandfather's death. They lived in Oriska and moved to Valley City where they raised me in that old parsonage. My room was on the second floor facing south, with the Barnes County Jail across the street.

I thank Tom and his sister, Doris, for supplying this photo and the caption. If you see any mistakes in the names, please let me know.
 - Larry Gauper

"Remembering Classmates" list re-ordered by year

Thanks to diligent work by Ron Morsch, our keeper of the Hiliners61 class listings on this blog, I was able to re-order the list of departed classmates by year of death. Now, we have all 22 names with their year of passing (on the right side of this screen, below the classmate bios).

Delores Sather was the first to leave us, she died in 1962. 2012 was a bad year with the deaths of three classmates: Jerry Busche, Bonnie Van Enk Miller, and Bob Rust. The most recent classmate death was that of Lynn Anderson, who died in January of this year (2015)

It was a soulful experience for me as I went through each name, adding the year of death where that information was missing and re-ordering the list, which Ron supplied in proper order by year. I thought of each of these friends, what I knew about them, and how short life really is. This listing brings all of that home, and, to me, working with it was heartfelt. God bless the memories we have of each one of them.

I very much appreciate Ron's work on this. As Barb Lang has mentioned and I agree, he's amazing at finding this information; I don't know what sources he uses or how he does it!. - Larry Gauper

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Class of 1961 reunion set for July of this year (2015)!

Barb (Sheppard) Lang announces that the Valley City High School Class of 1961 will hold a reunion on July 24-25-26, 2015 (Friday through Sunday) so SAVE THE DATE! Details will follow. Stay tuned to this blog and watch for Diane's email newsletter. If you'd like to volunteer to help steer this thing, contact Barb Lang  or Diane (Sauer) Hughes - addresses at the top of this blog - or LouVay (Ruemler) White at LouVayWhite@hotmail.com.

Note that the 1960's All-Class Reunion committee has been disbanded and no further All-Class reunions are scheduled. Each class is "on its own."

Stay tuned - more later.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Stan Orness remembers Lynn Anderson

Stan and Lynn - circa 2009

Our friend and classmate, Stan Orness (VCHS Class of '61) sent us the above photograph of he and Lynn, taken about five years ago (there is a link in the article below to the recent obituary in the Times-Record).

Stan writes: "Lynn was married to the former Karen Olsberg who lives in Valley City and they have two daughters, one lives near Dilworth and the other near Duluth, but I do not know their married names. His parents and two brothers are dead. He has a brother named Neil, but I have no idea where he lives. He has a sister-in-law, Jan Anderson (Dale’s wife), who lives in Valley above the old Dakota Auto Supply Store.

"Lynn went to College High his senior year. He worked at Dakota Auto Supply, was active in the Dusters Car Club, liked Hot Rods, dabbled in photography, model trains. He did over-the-road trucking and worked for LaFarge. Lynn and Karen lived on River View Drive in Valley and fought many a flood, but in the end lost their home to the river.

"The last I knew, Lynn was near Duluth in a home for Alzheimer’s patients. I called to ask if I could visit with Lynn, and he happened to be in the lobby. They told Lynn that a friend was asking to talk and we had a very nice visit. We talked about a lot of things in the past, and he told me how well he liked his new home. He was looking out the window and explained to me his view—there was a river going past the home with trees along the banks and deer were grazing on the lawn.

"Lynn and I touched base every so often over the years, at the time of the picture he was already having problems but we had no trouble visiting about the early years and the good times we had playing with cars, etc. I do know that he lived on River View Drive at least 46 years and many of those he dealt with the spring floods. There was an article a few years back in the Fargo Forum about his fight. He also had a nice model train railroad setup that is now on display at Bonanzaville in West Fargo." -- Stan Orness 1-12-2015

Stan just sent me the link to Lynn's obituary in the Times-Record. Click here to read the obituary in the T-R. 

Thanks, Stan, for the photograph and the information. Readers are invited to share their remembrances of Lynn in the "comments" section below, or, if you have a photograph and a longer anecdote or information to share, send these items to Diane (Sauer) Hughes (email address at the top of this blog). Stan and Lynn shared a deep interest in customizing vintage automobiles. For an article and photographs about Stan's car hobby, click here. 

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Remembering classmate Lynn Anderson

Lynn Anderson - 1960 Sheyenne Yearbook
Lynn Anderson, our classmate through his junior year, died on January 6, 2015. Lynn suffered from Alzheimer's disease and has been living in a memory care home in Moorhead, Minn. No services are planned. To date, no obituary has been filed with either the Times-Record or the Fargo Forum. We offer our blessings and sympathy to Lynn's family. - from Diane (Sauer) Hughes in the Hiliners61 e-Newsletter.

I remember Lynn as a tall, lean, good lookin' guy who had a similar but better hairstyle than "Fonzie" from Happy Days. I recall he was a friendly fellow who was liked by all his classmates. He had a big interest in cars and customizing them, I recall.

In Diane's newsletter, she included some thoughts from various classmates (please leave your remembrances using the "Comments" section below. Here the comments she received so far:

"I remember Lynn at the skating rink. He was always so polite and and kind to everyone."

"I still remember when he came out for track and ran that 440 as fast as he could and all his muscles tightening up. He never came out after that...bless his memory."

"I think he still has the record for the fastest rope climb in the old gym when 'Bud' would give us the gym test. He also was a tiger in the old commando basketball that "Bud" made us play. A boxing glove on one hand and you could punch the person with the ball. I also remember the old Duster Road Club. Good memories."

"I appreciate the good memories shared about Lynn. Sadness and relief are mixed together as his life on Earth is finished. Lynn was surely a handsome man as I see him in my memory. He was an amazing ice skater, a hard one to catch at Pioneer Park."

Diane adds:  "As I looked for information about Lynn in our yearbooks, I found that he was on the football team as a freshman, along with so many other guys from the Class of 1961." - Lynn is circled in red; click on picture for larger image. The image is a little fuzzy but that's the way the original appeared in the yearbook.
1959-60 Hiliners football team - that's Lynn circled in red

"Lynn was in the school choir all three years. In one of the photos he was noted as one of the booming basses. As a sophomore, he was a member of the boys' quartet."

Did any of you keep in touch with Lynn after high school? Please share your memories in the "comments" section below. God bless the memory of Lynn Anderson.