Monday, September 19, 2016

Barb visits two classmates!

Our Class of 1961 Alumni Chair, Barb (Sheppard) Lang along with her husband, Art Todd, visited Beth (Carlisle) Anderson and her husband Dick, as well as with Marilyn (Vandestreek) Burton on a recent trip to Oregon and Utah.

Beth and Barb on the Oregon Coast
In the above photo, Beth and Barb are shown after they climbed a long ramp up a huge sand dune in Pacific City, Oregon. Then, Beth went all the way down the other side, which is comprised of only sand, for a quick walk on the Pacific Coat beach. Barb says she "only went about half way!"

Barb adds: "Beth and Dick drove six hours from Bellingham, Washington (where the couple lives), to spend a couple of days with us as we vacationed together along the Pacific Coast. We had a grand time and it seemed like we were right back in high school again, except for a few aches."

Beth, Barb and Dick are shown here taking in the beautiful Pacific Coast scenery, half-way between Cannon and Rockaway Beaches in Oregon. Barb says, "If you have not visited the Oregon coast, it should go on your bucket list, as it is just beautiful out there."  Above photos by Dick Anderson
Barb and Marilyn
Barb also reports: "Marilyn Vandestreek Burton and I enjoyed a marvelous lunch together in Ogden, Utah, on September 12, 2016, as we were driving back from a wedding near Portland, Oregon. Art gets credit for taking the above photo, although he did not get two words in during lunch! Marilyn is doing alright and is very glad that her daughter and grand kids live in Ogden, not far from her place." 

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