Saturday, February 11, 2017

19 Lunch Bunchers gather in Valley City!

The VCHS Class of 1961 had a marvelous turnout of 19 people at the Lunch Bunch gathering at the Valley City Country Club on February 9, 2017. Conversations never stopped, many hugs were exchanged Several in the group were convinced to attend the Hi Liners’ basketball game on Friday evening, since the 1960 State Championship Basketball team was introduced during half-time of the game!  Photos coming of the honoring ceremony for the 1960 Champions on February 9th. Below, the group shot from the luncheon:

All rows, L to R: (Front row) Bonnie Cruff Burchill, Colleen Bryngelson Zick, Marleen Miller Pytlik, Cheryll Hanson Borg. (Middle row) Barb Rome Gillund, Judy Peterson, Lou Vay Ruemler White, Mary Ann Musch Gamrath, Barb Sheppard Lang, Dave Maasjo, Sandy Voorhees Toring, Barry Borg. (Back row) Denny Gillund, Janna Zaun, Doug Peterson, Gerry Gamrath, Tom Kahler, Hank Toring, Larry Gauper.


Anonymous said...

Hmmm, I do believe that henceforth I am going to sit on one of those chairs so that nobody can tell how short I have become . . . . I'm really looking like a shrimp these days!

Barb Lang said...

Now why did that post show up as "anonymous"??? I must have checked the wrong box - sorry about that.
Barb Lang (just in case I do it again)

Larry Gauper said...

Barb...will check on that and see about the anonymous I just noticed you have to click "Name/URL" and put your name in....doesn't have to be your full name...LG