Friday, June 29, 2018

More "North Dakota song" videos

Warren Olson sent a video of a newer "North Dakota song" by two local young ladies, Kendra and Krista, a.k.a., "Tigerlily."  To see that one, click here.  Note: there is a short commercial at the beginning but the "skip this ad" comes up fairly quickly.

Warren also sent us a link to a video that's a "parody on Pharrell Williams' Happy song." Warren adds, "Sue and the Walleye are on this one along with NDSU and Barb (Sheppard) Lang's Jamestown Buffalo." The singer/actresses are not identified and the audio is a bit weak, so crank up your speakers. To see that video, click here

Barb Gillund also sent in another tune about the state. Its entitled My Home in North Dakota by Adam Taylor. Lots of real photos of real North Dakotans. Again, the audio is a little weak on this one, so crank up your speakers. To watch and hear that video, click here

I hope I have these submission credits correct. If not, correct with an email. One song I would like to add, but can't find a link on YouTube or anywhere. It's Mandan area farmer Chuck Suchy's Dancing Dakota (proposed a few years ago as our state song, failed in the legislature). He also creates a wonderful and accurate musical picture of life on a North Dakota family farm in his Home for the Harvest.

As I mentioned, I have Chuck Suchy's songs on CD and can create an MP3 file for posting, but we would need his permission. I know Chuck and secured permission to use his Dancing Dakota for a Blue Cross video I produced a number of years ago, so I might try it again. Suchy (pronounced "SOO-KEY") appeared several times with Garrison Keillor when the show originated from St. Paul and again from Concordia College about five years ago. Andrea Suchy, Chuck's daughter, did a one-year run on A Prairie Home Companion, singing many songs with G. K on that national NPR radio program. She is now a professional singer and song writer based in Minneapolis. - LG 6-29-2018

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